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Ressurection Update

"Tears are words that need to be written."
- Paulo Coelho
"There is a prevailing illusion that, if only you just come here, sit in a café and drink pastis, you will start writing like James Joyce. As if there was something in the water, like Lourdes, that could cure a lack of talent. Writing well is just as difficult in Paris as anywhere else."
- John Baxter, on the disillusion of Paris
3 years ago

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CA vs. NY

"Going to California, even for two days, will make you think that there is an alternate version of your life that includes living in a white clay house with bougainvilla climbing up the walls, driving top down on the 10 while taqueria smell and sunscreen essence hit both sides of your nose, and in which your career consists of “having meetings” outside at wicker tables, wearing cocktail dresses, and also listening to every joni mitchell recording ever made.

And then you get back to blackberries and freezing fingertips and eight cups of coffee and bosses who say, “I hope you know you should be expensing your no-doze.” And you wouldn’t want it any other way.”

-Rachel Syme

Excerpt from “Whimper” by Bob Hicock

…and why ask that why

of the larger why, why did this happen, and why from that why
branch to the why am I alive why, there’s the why
are we here why and the why do we let so many questions
begin with a bang why and the why do we say aftermath
when it never ends, the desire to add for some and subtract
for others, we say we want answers, that it’s very quiet
around here now, all this light, the sun more full of itself
by the day until July will strip us of shadows and time
will seem to have given up on night, why is the song
we add to nature, we’re like birds as kids, why why why,
we sang, we sing, whole flocks of us swirling now,
turning our turns into turning, not knowing
in our direction what our direction is, how things
get decided undecided, lost if you need to find us
is where we are.

"Don’t plan on making any money or owning anything for 10 years, and if you stick with it, and are talented, one of your friends will give you a job"
- Amy Poehler. (via rach)

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Loved these.


May I lay on you

under the tree’s shade reading

leaves of light dancing on you?


leaves rustle above 

sentences read then forgot

lost to your soft warmth

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"One day, tens of millions of years from now, someone will find me rusted into the mud of a world they have never seen, and when they crumble me between their fingers, it will be you they find."

From my Imagination to Yours

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Light, then fade away

And when the dark is darkest

Light breaks the stillness

The pops of vinyl

beneath these, the slowing tires

And a star-filled sky


Just dancing stars

In mid-air

A flash bends the night

Leaving silhouettes to my


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"And there you are, almost safe, committed to the habits that have limited you for years."
- Stephen Dunn, from "Anonymity"
"piles of our thoughts run miles in the dark- just trying to get home."